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On the after the, i evaluate the standard Polish alveolo-palatal /?/ and you will in addition to their the fresh new variants

On the after the, i evaluate the standard Polish alveolo-palatal /?/ and you will in addition to their the fresh new variants

3. Efficiency

New demonstration away from private details pursue your order offered within the (4). Remember that the fresh boxes showed in most numbers match the newest vary from brand new 25th and you can 75th percentile; the brand new black mark signifies this new median as well as the whiskers here is their site match ±step 1.5 inter-quartile assortment; study significantly more than or below so it diversity are outliers and are depicted while the facts in the graph. Not many cases of significant outliers was removed.

Shape cuatro suggests the outcomes of your spectral top frequency regarding brand new bust used in Important Polish (SP) and the latest variant (NV) out of /?/ plus the fresh spectral are normally taken for 20 so you’re able to eleven,one hundred thousand Hz.

The results demonstrate that new spectral top volume is significantly high about the newest variation than in Simple Gloss both for /?/ and you can (/?/: NV 5,490 Hz against. SP 4,176 Hz, t=8.024, p : NV 5,546 Hz against. SP 4,164 Hz, t=6.706, p

Box plots for frequency off spectral highs out-of /?/ so that as obvious in the Simple Polish and in the fresh variation.

Container plots of land to have center out-of the law of gravity (top) and you may practical departure (bottom) out-of /?/ so that as noticable for the Basic Gloss and also in the brand new variant

Field plots of land for skewness (top) and you may kurtosis (bottom) off /?/ and also as pronounced in the Important Gloss and in the newest variant.

The newest center regarding the law of gravity thinking off /?/ and you may was in fact somewhat large on the the newest variant than in Important Polish (/?/: NV 5,367 Hz compared to. SP 4,375 Hz, t=5.327, p : NV 5,205 Hz compared to. SP cuatro,468 Hz, t=3.894, p displayed rather straight down skewness opinions than its Practical Shine associated areas (/?/: NV ?0.079 against. SP 0.338, t=?2.050, p=.06 (at amount of mathematical desire) : NV ?0.317 compared to. SP 0.179, t=?dos.822, p is proper-skewed weighed against new spectra of the the newest variations and this are skewed left. Kurtosis was not rather various other into the SP and the NV.

Container plots of land to the spectral hill steps m1 (top) and you may m2 (bottom) off /?/ so when built in Basic Gloss as well as in the fresh new version.

Shape seven shows the results with the a few spectral slopes m1 and you will m2 for /?/ and also in Simple Polish as well as in the fresh new variant.

The two strategies m1 and you will m2 of regression contours away from frication spectra are very useful in recognize the standard Gloss and you will the versions regarding /?/ and you can . The original regression range mountain (m1) of try somewhat lower in the new version than in Basic Shine ( : NV step 1.31 dB/kHz2 vs. SP dos.51 dB/ kHz2, t=?dos.348, p

Simple Shine version (/?/: NV ?4.76 dB/kHz2 versus. SP ?4.cuatro dB/kHz2, t=?step 3.738, p : NV ?cuatro.91 dB/kHz2 versus. SP ?4.6 dB/kHz2, t=?4.623, p brand new spectral slope are notably lower to your the fresh variation versus Basic Polish into the regularity include five hundred Hz to 5,100 Hz (m1). With the large frequency range between 5,100 Hz so you’re able to eleven,one hundred thousand Hz, both /?/ and feature a dramatically steeper spectral fall off for the brand new version than the Standard Gloss, Towards go up/fall of the regression line, increased (positive) value having m1 setting a good steeper rise of your own regression line, while having m2, less (negative) really worth corresponds to an effective steeper slip of the regression range, in both mention of their respective regularity range regarding Energy (Spectral Occurrence) spectra. These devices dB/kHz2 results from the brand new formula of your slope of your regression line: m= (y2?y1)/(x2?x1) that have y=(dB/kHz?dB/kHz) and you can x=(kHz?kHz).

” tabindex=”0″> cf. as well as Figure step three in which the suggest multitaper spectra out of in the Important Shine together with the fresh new version receive. As well as rise above the crowd, most of the indicate spectra obviously go up a lot more steeply from the all the way down frequency variety (as much as 5,100 Hz) with the Basic Polish when compared to the this new version.

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